About Axial Vinos

About Axial Vinos

Expertise & SpecialismMastering Garnacha

Axial Vinos has been the personal project of the Dutch Geirnaerdt/Van Ekeris family since 1999. As proud owners of three wineries, they produce wine in a number of Spain’s prominent wine regions: Cariñena, Campo de Borja and Navarra.

“The garnacha grape plays a major part at all our wineries, and thrives in the Spanish climate and mineral-rich soils. Garnacha has huge potential and delivers elegant, top-notch wines. As a family, we now have a wealth of experience in the specific winemaking process and the significant role terroir plays. We proudly venture to refer to ourselves as garnacha specialists.

Discover our storySpanish wines with Dutch roots

The founding of Axial VinosLouis Geirnaerdt, geologist and Spain enthusiast – experienced Torres and Enate Export Manager – and Eugenie van Ekeris, with a penchant for wine and marketing – legal expert specialising in Finance and Purchases - founded Axial Vinos in Spain.
Acquisition of Bodega Pagos del Moncayo After having collaborated with Pagos del Moncayo for years, we strategically decided to start producing our own wine, with our very own marketing and design team. We acquired Pagos del Moncayo in 2011.
Collaboration with La Casa de Lúculo After years of working with Juan Glaria and Virginia Arranz, we acquired La Casa de Lúculo. Virginia Arranz continues as our winemaker at La Casa de Lúculo.
Creation and start of Bodem BodegasOur dream of creating our very own winery from scratch finally came true in 2016. The first vintage occurred in 2017, and we started selling Las Margas.
Start Bordeaux Sciences Agro projectBodem Bodegas began collaborating with the University of Bordeaux, France (Bordeaux Agro Science), to further enhance our vineyards and wines.