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Three different wineries in different wine regions, each with its own vision, style and type of terroir, resulting in a wide range of wines that you should not miss!



Fresh . Fruity . Soft

Chloss Terroir 2021

A 100% natural wine, in the production of which no ingredients have been used other than grapes from organic farming harvested by hand. No additives. Pure and authentic. Young garnacha red wine, with a soft, bright, and lively color. Very fresh red fruit, especially strawberries, to which aromatic herbs are added. Read more

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Fresh . Fruity . Smooth . Soft

Cátulo Rosado 2021

Luscious garnacha rosé full of strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavours with floral aromas and a pleasant texture. Elegant, fresh rosé is the perfect wine for Summer drinks. Read more

  • Pictogram Axial VinosViticulture: Organic

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Fruity . Full . Smooth . Soft

OXTE The Silence

Wonderful, accessible blend with an intense colour and dark, concentrated fruit, rounded off with developed cocoa and coffee flavours. Very pleasant structure, soft tannins and a full body. P.V.P: 7,15 € Read more

  • Pictogram Axial VinosViticulture: Vegan

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