Las Margas Los Cerezos 2020

A true expression of the terroir of our Belerma vineyard, where we have preserved some of the cherry trees that have given it its name.

Impressive premium wine made from wild Garnacha located in the Sierra de Algairén.

Enveloping aromas of ripe red forest fruits, thyme, dried flowers, scree and notes of undergrowth. A very dynamic and lively red, with vibrant acidity that gives great length and depth to the wine.


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100% Garnacha



Barrel Ageing

10 months

Flavour profile

ripe red forest fruits, thyme, dry flowers, scree and hints of undergrowth

Tasting Note

wild berries, blackberries and flowers, such as violets



Bottle Content

750 ml


D.O.P. Cariñena


Bodem Bodegas


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Certificación Vegano
Vegan Wine
Sustainable Wine
uva de Cariñena de Bodem Bodegas
100% Garnacha
Botella y copa de vino


  • Pre-fermentation in open fermenters at low temperature. After completing maceration and malolactic fermentation, part of the wine is transferred to French oak barrels where it is aged for 10 months to acquire greater complexity.
  • It is the clarified and filtered before being bottled after stabilization process.
viñas de Bodem Bodegas


  • Biocontrol and manual harvest and use of small boxes of less than 15 Kg.
  • Terroir vineyard, Belerma, in the Sierra de Algairén.
  • Deep calcareous clayey calcareous soils, controlled yields, always below 5,000 kg/Ha.
  • Average altitude between 550 and 700 meters.
  • Dry farmed and bush wines
Copa de vino de Las Margas Blanco

Winemaker´s Notes

Medium intensity on the nose; its finesse and great complexity stand out. Invading aromas of ripe red forest fruits, thyme, dry flowers, scree and hints of undergrowth.

A very dynamic and lively red wine, with a vibrant acidity that gives great length and depth to the wine.

carta de servicio y maridaje

Perfect service

  • Service: 15ºC.
  • The perfect partner for wild fish, white meats, spoon dishes and meat carpaccios.


Las Margas Los Cerezos is a wine that demonstrates the capacity of the best terroirs of the Sierra de Algairén.

Expressive and honest as the winegrowers who cultivate these grapes.

Through traditional cultivation and winemaking they manage to maintain those practices and vineyards that in many cases have been forgotten.


Luis Geirnaerdt

Field Technician at Bodem Bodegas
I am very excited that we can finally uncork Las Margas “Los Cerezos”.

We have put all our effort, a lot of work, a lot of research and a lot of illusion in the elaboration of this wine.

Las Margas “Los Cerezos” will mean a big step forward for Bodem Bodegas.

Compact fruit, aromatic and with a lot of elegance.

I am sure it will be a wine that will make many people smile and will be a tremendous protagonist in these meals in which the objective is to enjoy.


Louis Geirnaerdt

Owner of Axial Vinos
In the heart of the Sierra de Algairén, in our Los Cerezos plot, Las Margas premium is born, in the Paraje de Belerma.

Meticulous elaboration and at the same time very artisanal. With minimal intervention, we highlight a background of undergrowth, moist soil, which is defining such a special and particular territory as the Belerma vineyard.

A sustainable wine, different from all the other Garnachas in the area.

Manuel Castro

Bodem Bodegas Winemaker