Las Margas Garnacha Blanca

Garnacha Blanca wine with a deep light yellow color with lime-green trim. White pulp fruit, citrus and white flowers.
Enveloping in the mouth with great volume, the wine’s acidity gives it the right freshness to drink now or keep it for a while.
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100% garnacha



Barrel Ageing

Flavour Profile

white-fleshed fruits, lime, mango, thyme and fennels

Tasting Note

soft, enveloping, fruity explosion



Bottle Content

750 ml


D. O. P. Cariñena


Bodem Bodegas


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James Suckling gives it 90 points.

James Suckling, American food critic, has written this review of Las Margas Garnacha Blanca.

Chalky citrus with some fruit, such as nectarines and hits of almonds and white flowers. Medium-bodied and elegant with a slightly chewy structure with a nice finish. Vegan wine. For summer drinking now.

Certificación Vegano
Vegan Wine
Menor impacto en el medio ambiente
Low impact
Placas solares Bodem Bodegas
Sustainable winery

Our wine Las Margas garnacha blanca 2021


Bodem, which means “soil” in Dutch, really symbolizes the origin of this winery with Dutch roots. After more than 25 years working and living by and for Spanish wine, the Geirnaerdt-van Ekeris family found in Cariñena the place to which they felt deeply attached. That is why Bodem is not just another winery but a firm commitment to Spanish wine, to the Garnacha variety and, in short, to a dream.

The first wine of our Bodem winery is Las Margas. Las Margas is the beginning of a continuous process in which we have the conviction to improve year after year the previous one, taking advantage of our experience and knowledge. In short, dreaming of a better future.

Las Margas is produced in our new state-of-the-art winery, “Bodem”. The particular interaction between the geology and its harsh climate has produced a soil that offers sufficient nutrients, but also has many minerals.

The Romans transported the Grenache vine to other regions of their empire because of its resistance to the harsh climate, and today we continue to do the same producing a great wine full of character and authenticity, spreading the message all over the world.

Bodem is a modern winery where innovation is paramount, adept at responding to dynamic international wine-market demands, without losing sight of Spain’s wine traditions. The winery’s name – meaning “Soil” in Dutch – honours this region’s earth; we endeavour to produce elegant, high-quality wine everyone can enjoy.

Bodem is in the D. O. P. Cariñena, the largest and oldest D. O. in Aragón. The vineyards are found at an altitude of 400 to 800 meters, and the winery itself lies in the heart of the Sierra de Algairén; the birthplace of the garnacha grape.

The dry climate, plentiful sun and rugged soils with just the right mineral quantities from the Algairén mountain range are all that garnacha grape requires. Las Margas wine embodies all of this.

Why buy this Vegan White garnacha Wine?


Spectacular white wine produced from selected plots through a controlled yield and night harvest. This delicious wine from Bodem Bodegas offers a fruity explosion with a lively acidity and mineral touches. It stands out for being a very gastronomic wine.

uva de Cariñena de Bodem Bodegas


  • Harvest at night and transfer to the winery in the early hours of the morning.
  • Maceration for 12 hours in the press where they have previously entered trying to squeeze as little as possible.
  • Fermentation for 25 days.
  • 75% remains on its lees for 2 months with periodic battonage.
viñas de Bodem Bodegas


  • Bio control and hand cultivation.
  • Family vineyards of local winegrowers.
  • Selection of the best vineyards in La Sierra de Algairén.
  • Deep calcareous clayey soils, controlled yields, always below 5. 000 kg/Ha.
  • Average altitude between 450 and 725 meters.
Copa de vino de Las Margas Blanco

Winemaker´s notes

White-fleshed fruits, lime, mango, along with mountain herbs such as thyme and fennel give it greater complexity.

Smooth, enveloping, with weight. It offers a fruity explosion with a lively acidity and mineral touches.

carta de servicio y maridaje

Service Suggestions

  • Serve at 7 – 9ºC.
  • A perfect ally of couscous with curried vegetables, salmon tartar with avocado or vegetable salmon tartar with avocado or a vegetable eggplant moussaka. Grilled white meats create an excellent combination with this energetic Grenache Blanc. Taste it to discover the most authentic profiles of pleasure.

A special wine in La Sierra de Algairén


Cariñena is the great unknown outside Spain; the forgotten cradle and birthplace of the Garnacha grape. Its arid climate and rugged soils provide everything this variety needs: lots of sun and just the right amount of minerals. We own 7 hectares of vineyards and control over 100 hectares of family vineyards of local growers in the region of Valdejalón, in the heart of the Sierra de Algairén; the place where the Garnacha grape variety was born.

The climate is continental; cold winters and warm summers with a radical day-night temperature contrast. The characteristic wind of the area “El Cierzo” contributes to the dryness of the climate and keeps the vineyards free of pests.

In addition, the “Margas” soil is a type of soil that occurs on limestone rock in the Sierra de Algairén. With a production capacity of 1.6 million liters, our wines are made with traditional criteria using native grape varieties.