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Lúculo Garnacha Blanca

Splendid white garnacha abounding in citrus and floral aromas. White fruits, succulent pear, grapefruit develop into spicy tones and barrel-aged features, such as nuts and brioche. Medium body with an agreeable structure, good acidity and long finish.



Garnacha blanca



Barrel ageing

Three months

Flavour profile

fresh, fruity, full and soft

Tasting note

white fruits, blossom, spices, nuts and brioche



Bottle content

750 ml


D. O. Navarra


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La Casa de Lúculo came about as a project for restoring the old garnacha vineyards in Northern Navarra. Individual, small plots with bush vines, some even over 100 years old. We mostly work in our vineyards according to organic criteria without using synthetic pesticides and herbicides.

The vineyards are in Ribera Baja at an altitude of 390 meters, in the centre of Navarra. Garnacha is predominately used here. This grape variety is unmatched in tolerating the Atlantic Ocean’s influences, simultaneously conveying the essential character of the vineyards and wines.

Continental with strong influences from the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees. The cool nights and sunlit days ensure that the grapes mature slowly and delicately.