Prados Fusión

An exquisite blend of garnacha (65%) and syrah (35%), crammed with warm bouquets of ripe black fruits and thyme, rosemary and lavender aromas. The wine boasts an open, complex personality and its fresh character, soft tannins and long, silky-smooth finish make it easily drinkable.


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Garnacha and syrah



Flavour profile

Fruity, smooth, full, soft

Tasting note

Ripe black fruits, thyme, rosemary and lavender



Bottle content

750 ml


D. O. Campo de Borja


Pagos del Moncayo


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Exceptional Prados wines feature both garnacha and syrah in starring roles, and you’ll find the origin reflected in the wine. Pagos del Moncayo is one of the few wineries where ‘slow winemaking’ occurs. Production is fully organic using artisanal methods, with open barrels and traditional grape treading. Yield is regulated to be low (6000 kg/ha), to safeguard the utmost quality.

Pagos del Moncayo is in D. O. Campo de Borja (province of Zaragoza) at the Sierra del Moncayo foothills, in the heart of the Iberian System and Aragón. The vineyards are in La Corona (garnacha) and Los Blanquizales (syrah), in Magallón (low elevation area of D. O. Campo de Borja) at an altitude of 350-450 meters.

The climate is continental and dry, with influences from the Sierra del Moncayo mountain range. The cooling and drying wind provides a specific micro-climate, giving the wines their unique character. Average temperatures are around 14 degrees, and rainfall in this region is scarce.