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2018Bodem Las Margas

  • Food pairingWarm and ripe fruit-driven blueberry and strawberry bouquets, and soft tannins. An exceptional, multi-layered wine with a smooth texture.
  • GrapeGarnacha
  • Food paringBarbecue (beef), pasta, game and poultry

2017Lúculo Origen

  • Tasting noteRobust, gourmet wine with a limited batch of 4200 bottles. Brimming with red fruits, pasta, veal, cassis, toast and violet flavours.
  • GrapeGarnacha
  • Food pairingBeef, pasta, veal and poultry

2018Prados Privé

  • Tasting noteWonderfully full-bodied and deep wine. An explosion of layered fruity (ripe black fruits) and slightly spiced aromas (thyme, rosemary and pepper) revealed in a long finish. Smooth and balanced!
  • GrapeSyrah
  • Food pairingSplendid with meat, lamb, game and poultry.


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